Your Neighbor’s Car is Waiting For You

Your-neighbor-s-car-is-waiting-for-you-Carnegie-Mellon-TodayCarnegie Mellon Today

July 2010

At a pace of about eight minutes a mile, Craig Gaites runs alongside Jay Sizemore and other classmates. They are all part of the Tepper Endurance Club, a group of business students who get together regularly to work out. It’s the middle of winter in Pittsburgh, so ice patches and mounds of packed powder riddle the sidewalks. As Gaites weaves along, he updates Sizemore—like he often does on these jogs—on his burgeoning business venture.

TransportCHAIN would be the first person-to-person car-sharing service around. The idea is profoundly simple: Car owners would earn money on their vehicles whenever they aren’t driving them. [read more …]