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“The parallel pursuit of Amazon HQ2 and an equitable ‘city for all.’ Can they co-exist?” A concerted and costly effort to attract a tech giant to Pittsburgh raises questions about what kind of development project would in fact be suitable for all Pittsburghers …PublicSource, October 9, 2017.

park-4843-1“Will McKinley Park upgrades improve the struggling Beltzhoover community or leave its longtime residents behind?” Residents in a south Pittsburgh neighborhood see big potential in a park redevelopment project, but who will benefit? …. PublicSource, August 31, 2017

Community Play-Creation,” Outdoor play is good for children and teens, but it’s even better when they participate in creating the spaces where healthy play happens …h Magazine, 2017 Issue 1

“Public School Daze,” Low graduation rates, racial disparity, budget shortfalls, poor test scores – these are just some of the problems facing Pittsburgh’s public schools … h Magazine, Issue 1, 2013

“Clean Up Crew,” Area professionals advance green initiatives within their companies and institutions … h Magazine, Issues 2 & 3 2011

“The Art of Change,” A forward thinking youth program at The Andy Warhol Museum gives local teens a voice through art … Carnegie Magazine, Fall 2009

“Latino Labor in Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry,” Wisconsin’s dairy farms are increasingly run by non-Wisconsinites … La Comunidad, (Madison, WI), Sept 2004, two-part investigative series

Unpacking White Privilege,” Feeling guilty about racial injustice isn’t the point; the point is doing something about it … Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 21, 2016

“Nine Mile Run,”  The US Army Corp of Engineers helps redeem a Pittsburgh neighborhood watershed from what was once a Steel City wasteland … geez, Issue 41, Spring 2016

“The Girls,” A family welcomes an urban chicken foursome to their new home, a pretty fly A-frame chicken tractor … Blue Earth Review, Spring 2012

“A Good Harvest,”  In trepidation, a man donates bone marrow to some stranger on the other side of the world … The Truth About The Fact: International Journal of Literary Nonfiction, Spring 2011

“Immigrant Stories,” Immigrants to Pittsburgh continue to influence the city’s economics, neighborhoods, culture, and character … Creative Nonfiction, Pittsburgh in Words edition, Oct 2008

“Cultivating Compassion,”  International adoption becomes a full-family affair … Kansas City Star, Mon July 10, 2006 (Religion News Service) This story reprinted in two other newspapers, The Leader-Post (Regina, Saskatchewan) and The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA)

“Without Place or Power,” In large cities in developing countries, secure land rights can be the difference between thriving in a safe home and making due in an overcrowded squatter settlement … PRISM, Vol 10, No 2, March/April 2003

“Charity of Grace,” On panhandling and making a place for the wanderer … PRISM, Vol 9, No 3, May/June 2002

“Losing Identity That It Might Be Found,” The Kosovo War leads to loss of life, loss of ethnicity … Social Justice Review, Sept 1999


Civic Arena construction nearing completion with parked cars and Connelley Trade School on left, Lower Hill District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, c. 1960 - 1961. (Photo by Charles 'Teenie' Harris/Carnegie Museum of Art/Getty Images)

“When The Arena Came to Town” Sala Udin is one of the thousands of Lower Hill residents displaced by “urban renewal”; the trauma endures to this day … Anthony Bourdain’s Explore Parts Unknown on CNN, October 2017

“Portraying an Immortal Life,” Renée Elise Goldsberry, star of Broadway’s Hamilton, takes on a new role as Henrietta Lacks, source of HeLa cells and decades of ground-breaking research …Carnegie Mellon Today, May 2017

“Renaissance Man,” Raymond Smith, former CEO of Verizon, led one of the largest mergers in U.S. business history … Carnegie Mellon Today, April 2017

“Tom Savini Has Turned Horror into a Frightful Career,” Make-up artist, actor, stuntman, and director Tom Savini has been instrumental in creating the face of today’s horror film genre … Carnegie Mellon Today, October 2016

“Head of the Class,” Pittsburgh Public School Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane grapples with her district’s fiscal and academic challenges … h Magazine, Issue 1, 2013